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Ego2Eco -

Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching & Nutrition focussing on Ego2Eco (healthy ego/equality), in order for you to become a better and healthier person.

This coaching is for those who do sports like running, cycling, fitness, and swimming. Generally, a Climber in Life. 

Free for the less fortunate, funded by business. 

Full overview of our Training for Climbing in collaboration with Performance Guys

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why we do it

I´v been there

Lavinia Warnars -

Climbing, Bouldering, Running, Fitness, Walking, Cycling..

Long have I battled with injuries; from elbows, to ankles, shoulders, neck and back. I have seen/felt it all. But, with the help of excellent physio´s and other professionals, I have been working on getting myself injured-free and even better: healthy and strong as far as I can, while taking my limits into account. 

The Ego2Eco philosophy is key to this: don´t push yourself out of Ego, but let the Eco energy flow through your body, and you will train more relaxed. It really works! 

Ego2Eco Health & Sports

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Ego2Eco in Health & Sports is never talked about before. It is brand new, and therefore exciting to coach others in it. And it works like a charm: don´t train out of Ego, but out of Eco, while things magically unfold!

Want to move more Consciously?

More from Intuition ánd Cognition?

Less from Ego, more from Eco?

Perform more in Flow?

I can tell you: I have had a rough road towards that too: I had the bad habit to always push myself to the limit. Now that I´m puting my philosophy into practice, I sport better, healthier, and I´m happier than before! 


What they say

Koen de groot

Personal Trainer - Performance Guys

Lavinia was a good trainee (For Fitness 1). She listens well and learns fast. The way she motivates cliënts with her humor mixed with strictness is perfect. This way the cliënts find it fun to train hard. She also knows how to read the cliënt and notice fast when an exercise is too hard or too easy. 



Testimonial to come. 

Basic coaching
1 on 1


Simple, fast and effective coaching sessions of 1 hour. Including email contact before and after. 

Premium 10x coaching

315 (10x)

10 coaching sessions of 1 hour each. Including email contact before and after.

Group Coaching




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