Conscious Health & Sports

Conscious Health & Sports will make you perform better, and more sustainable in the long end, becoming a better, healthier, ánd stronger version of yourself.

So in many ways, Ego2Eco transformation applies perfectly to Health & Sports.  

So how about it? How to do it?

For this we need to go inside ourselves and find what is talking to us: our Ego (our destructive-inner child) or our Eco (our Healthy Ego/Equality & Care for yourself and others)


If the Ego is talking, then we should go against it, contra-behaviour. If for example I want to buy candy, and my Ego is crying for it, I should stop, think twice, and do something else instead, for example, buying a healthy smoothie: also sweet, but healthy. 

The same accounts for Health & Sports: if we want that goal and push ourselves to the limit, maybe in competition with others, where it becomes unhealthy, we sport out of Ego.


In contrast, when we sport out of Eco, we value ourselves, our bodies, our limits, and others equally. Not much pushing is involved, but healthy motivation, and maybe some competition based on equality, rather than Ego. 

However, sometimes, pushing is necessary for personal (therapeutic) purposes: e.g.: to get an health boost for your heart and mind, you might want to choose for a sprint, followed by a slower pace. Just to get (quickly) in shape. 

Here are the 7 principles you can always put in practice: 

1. Reflect: become aware of yourself and your body.

2. Analyze 1: Without judgement. Analyze your ego: what and why does it want something?

3. Analyze 2: Now, what would happen if you don´t get it? Would you loose something? Your ego? Or more? Or would you be happier? Without?

4. Subsitute: What can I substitute for it instead? Make Conscious decisions instead of destructive ones. What would you gain? Health? Happiness? Pride for shifting your Ego2Eco?

5. Decision: Make the right and Conscious decision.

6. Feel & Practice: Start feeling & sensing when you put the Conscious decision into practice.

7. Repeat: Now, repeat this new practice, act out of Eco, and inspire others along the way!

As far as the bigger picture goes: as long as you, as an individual, make conscious choices out of Eco and not out of Ego, you will inspire others along your way, and so more people will sport out of Eco instead of Ego. 

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